Annelies van Dooren portret

Annelies van Dooren

Annelies van Dooren, October 21, 1945, Tilburg, Netherlands.

1966-1968: game therapy; dolls; tapestries.

1973-1980: Theatre School Amsterdam, Modern Dance program dancer; teacher; choreographer.

1980-1995: Tai-chi and Chi-gong teacher; book binding; ceramics; monoprints.

1995-1999: Iokai Shiatsu Academy Amsterdam.

2000-2016: Shiatsu therapist. Everything comes together.


This is why she sought out the wood, the clay, the paper, the paint, in all their beauty.

Anagallis, Balsamica, Cosmos, Helenium, Lathyrus, Monarda, Papaver, Solidago, Verbenum, Zinnia

“…draw a child a face as a ship as a house…
Ballet: she escapes light on her feet and she dances the stones stones creatures creatures birds birds away… live in water and wind shatter the stagnation the cross”
(Lucebert “And tomorrow the whole world”)

Meridians characterize all living things.
They enable a living creature such as a leaf to on the one hand absorb energy from its surroundings, while on the other hand protecting itself from the chaos and unpredeictibility of those same surroundings.
(Paraphrased from Oudejans)

“…the child is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a sport, a self-propelling wheel, a first move, a sacred Yes”
(Nietzsche “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”)

Intuition continuously gave form to objects, paintings, drawings, sometimes many, sometimes few, always playfully: while composing light, gardening, singing.

Aalt Boeve, 2016

It is a joy leafing through Annelies van Dooren’s work.

She captures her subject in confident strokes, with real feeling for color and composition. She experiments uninhibitedly with materials and subjects.

Her handwriting is directed by her heart.

She intuitively and directly puts it all on paper.

She manages to capture objects and people in motion, on their way from nothing to nowhere, yet focused in the force of the moment.

In her work, I see the result of an inquisitive attitude towards life in which ‘movement’ is the main thread for change, for being en route.

Solidified moments full of energy and joie de vivre.

I am very excited for the work to come.

Which choices the artist will make in terms of subjects and materials.

A great blank canvas.

On it, lines and areas have been applied with velocity in bright colors.

Seemingly randomly.

I read the drawing as a choreography.

Two blue spots that move in space and, in doing so, leave traces.

I follow the traces that have been made in blue and orange, the swirling green rotations, colliding red and yellow planes and… I hear music.

An Ensor-like picture.

A snapshot of a party.

Red figures against a blue background.

Hedonistic, full of contrast, full of motion and joy, entrusted to the paper by a spontaneous hand.

Clari de Waal, coach art projects, 2016